Personal Info

Happily married since 2000, father of two wonderful children.

Living in Florida (Tampa Bay Area) since 2011, I grew up in Phoenix but spent a large portion of my life in Argentina, where I met my wife and still own a home. I have come to the conclusion that humidity near beautiful beaches is better than “dry heat” in the middle of a desert.

Other interesting places I’ve spent some time:

The Netherlands (3 months), Dominican Republic (2 months), Paraguay (1 month), Iceland (3 weeks), Thailand, Costa Rica

In my free time (of which I can’t remember having much), I enjoy composing and recording music in my home studio. Progressive rock is the center of my aural universe, but I can enjoy music from any genre that sounds original and creative. I appreciate complex rhythms or a nice groove, catchy or harmonized melodies, interesting orchestrations, lyrics with a profound message. Just none of that radio ga ga, please.

A follower of Jesus, but the kind that tries to love their neighbor rather than judge them. I also dream of seeing the USA become a democracy.